Friday, February 24, 2012

Game Week

   Another anti-burnout tool I use is "game week". Ordinarily I will play a game with a student at the beginning of a lesson. (about once or twice a month) The games are fun and take only minutes of the lesson.
   This was game week and I played between 2 and 4 games in a row with each student. This was a big hit and they each commented on how much fun this was! I will be sure to do this more often.
   Thanks to the blogs of many other piano teachers, I now have tons of various games used to work on concepts such as rhythm, note reading, keyboard identification whole and half steps, scales, triads, musical terms and symbols.

The Ladybug game 
I was able to make this thanks to the downloads and instructions of Piano Discoveries. Here's how we play- Each person rolls the dice. If they land on a ladybug, they pick a ladybug card and follow the instructions on the card. If they give the correct answer, they get a flower out of the bag. The person with the most flowers at the end of the game wins. We go around the board multiple times until we run out of ladybug cards.

Beat This!
This is essentially a deck of music cards I bought at the music store that contain tons of rhythms and time signatures. I separated the deck to use only the rhythm examples for this game that include various notes and rests- we include eighths and dotted quarters. We play on my battery-operated roll-out piano (which my students just LOVE!) Each player begins on the lowest key- each player then picks a card and counts out the beats. They move their player the number of beats on the card. The person who reaches the highest key first, wins. (As we move our characters, we make them sound every key.)

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