Monday, February 27, 2012

One Minute Club

 Each year after the new year, I begin One Minute Club initiations. Jane Bastien was one of the firsts to advertise this idea years ago.
(her daughter Lori has a great blog, by the way). Bastien Piano

Each year during One Minute Club initiations, my students who can read notation run through their flashcards one letter at a time. New students become fluent in reading and returning students refine their skill at reading all their flashcards in under one minute.

(As a rulemy students are required to have a set of flashcards at home- I drill them at and away from the piano regularly until they are fluent and can recognize and play each note randomly and on sight.)

   During initiations they have to master all the letters of the music alphabet, one letter at a time. Once they master all the C's, they add D's to the list. The following week they have to play all the C's and D's combined and so on. As long as they can continue playing the cards in under 1.5 minutes, they can move to the next "round" and so on, until all 7 letters of the music alphabet are mastered. (36 Flashcards in all from B1 to D6)
   In order to actually join the One Minute Club, they have to play all the flashcards on the piano in under one minute, three times consecutively. Once in, Club members get a $3.00 Menchie's gift card and special treat at both the "Double Scoop Recital" coming up in April, and the "End of the Year Awards Recital".
Club members also receive a One Minute Club Membership Card thanks to Susan Paradis - her teaching resources are marvelous!

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