Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Practice Instructions

  Every month I create a new Lesson Assignment sheet. I print it out on both sides of the page and punch holes on both sides. When students complete their weekly assignment on one page, I turn it over and write the current assignment on the other side.

   The page is visually pleasing to the student and I get to exercise my creativity every month when I change the design and colors, etc.
   Practice instructions are specific so my students can open their binders and the very first page is always the assignment. The page itself stays fairly clean and consistent simply because my students are the ones following it.
A typical assignment usually looks like this:
Assignment 1- Theory workbook
A. Complete pages 12, 13, 14
Assignment 2- Rolling over: Lesson Book Page 14
A.Play and say each letter.
B. Play and count out loud.
C. Play and count and lift at the end of each marked phrase.
Assignment 3- Flashcards
A. Practice Level 1, 2, and 3 cards at the piano (Play each card)
B. Practice away from the piano (say each letter)
Assignment 4- Listening CD
A. Listen to the CD and draw a picture of what this music makes you think about.
B. Tell Mrs. H about your favorite track. What instrument did you hear? What was the character of the piece?

You can see from the Assignment sheet that written work comes first, assignment instructions come 2nd, sight reading comes 3rd (more on sight reading later), and fun play comes last. Practice sessions are EVERY day and should last as long as their lesson. When they return the following week, I rate their ability to demonstrate progress through home practice...more on that another day.

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