Friday, March 9, 2012

Double Scoop Recital

   Each spring, I hold a recital that is by far the most fun recital of the year. I call this the Double Scoop Recital. At this recital my students are permitted to choose what they'd like to perform. They generally choose their favorite piece learned in piano lessons.
   This recital is meant to be a fun, low-stress event in which students do not dress up, but wear jeans or play clothes instead. They can "double scoop" their performance with a duet or just play one piece. A very wise friend and teacher once told me that by combining music, food, and friends, I'd have the perfect recipe for a successful recital. She was so right. So each family brings their favorite dessert to share and after the recital, we all indulge in a "Double Scoop" of desserts!

   I let my students know that this is the one time of the year they get to eat dessert before dinner. And of course there is always a special dessert for members of the One Minute Club! This has turned into the most popular event of the year and last year we packed the house. You can imagine just how yummy its smelled with all those desserts nearby!

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