Friday, March 23, 2012

Markerboard Art

  I have a large marker board stocked with plenty of dry-erase markers in my waiting room for my students to express themselves while waiting for their lesson. Very often, siblings will draw while waiting for their brother or sister in lessons. Sometimes moms and dads submit their artistic talents, as well.

   Dry-erase boards by nature aren't cheap and neither are the markers for that matter! But we found a great solution on the cheap without spending $350 on just the board itself.  

Home Depot sells giant shower backing boards and you can buy a huge sheet for just $15. Originally, we were going to white board the entire wall, but then decided to just cut the board in half and frame it using cheap floor molding. 

I got the marker cups and holder from IKEA.

  I have seen so many beautiful pictures on the board and I always make sure I take pictures of this temporary art (I call "Markerboard Art") so it finds its way into my studio  yearbook. This way ALL the art my students create can be saved!

This picture was drawn by my student Molly and her mother Julie. What a wonderful way for parents and children to share music and art! And what a lovely picture. The keyboard underneath it was drawn by Molly's younger sister Sara. Sara was a toddler when Molly began lessons, and now she's old enough to create a wonderful piano keyboard- wow!

Here's a cute one from last year when my markerboard was much smaller.

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