Monday, March 5, 2012

Music & Art

   To satisfy my own curiosity, I once took a poll to see which class my students liked better at school: music or math. Surprisingly, it was around 50-50 with several who liked both math and music equally. I don't know how scientifically true this is, but I find my music lovers do very well with classic and romantic music, while my math lovers do better with Baroque and Contemporary (maybe its all those time signature changes.....).
   I then asked how many considered themselves good artists. I was so sure my music people would be the artists and my math people would my surprise (again), an almost equal number of math and music people were artists!
Here are some more favorites!
   I love combining music and art and in the fall I will be implementing a program to combine the two, but for now I am satisfied with the drawings my students do for their listening CD's and concerts (see Planting the Seeds of Sound). Every picture they draw goes on the wall in the studio for all to enjoy. But what happens at the end of the year when the drawings come down and disappear off my wall forever?
   This is when I choose four of my favorites -- no easy task. These pictures get framed and hang on my waiting room wall for the entire following year! First place also becomes the yearbook cover, and 2nd place becomes the back cover. Not only do the students take pride in seeing their framed art on my wall and on the yearbook, but the parents are naturally proud as well.
   What about the rest of the drawings? Well, I save every single picture, card, photo, note or whatever else my student gives me in an individual file folder. They all know I have one on them and now and then they ask to look through it- this is a really fun thing to do at the Back-to-School party! Its so much fun to see some of those old pages where they were just new beginners and now they are so much older and advanced in their piano studies. Its kind of like looking through an old scrapbook.

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