Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Parents & Piano- Part 2

   Well, its here! Topsy-Turvy Week! My students are so incredibly excited about this! Instead of having a lesson, they are TEACHING a lesson-- to their parents! Each of my parents is coming in this week to be given a piano lesson by their child. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to connect with their children, support their music education, and develop a new appreciation for all the detail involved in the daily piano practice they are responsible for each and every day. 
    Here is a picture of Grace teaching her mother Laura the bass clef notes. Grace was a fantastic teacher, too. She really explained things well and Laura not only learned bass clef notes, but really enjoyed having a lesson and left with a completely new appreciation for what Grace has to practice every week in her lesson. Grace and her mom had a great time. Grace even composed the song her mother is playing. 
   We began planning this weeks ago- I sent each student home with a checklist of things to chose from that they wanted to teach their parent. The following week, we picked out the appropriate teaching materials, games, and lesson material to assist in their teaching. Then we wrote out the lesson plan with copies of all the materials in a folder. My students took their folders home and practiced on an imaginary student. When they came back the following week, they practiced on me. And finally this week, they get to teach for real!
   What a wonderful example Laura has set for her daughter. Not only did they get to spend quality time together - just the two of them (with me standing by if Grace needed to ask a question), but Grace will be so much more likely to succeed in piano (and in life) with this kind of support at home. What a fun way for parents to be involved in piano!

Here is Miss Grace, sitting in my "teacher chair" working with her "student".

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