Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Studio Policies and Ethics

   I have a studio policy, but my policy at present doesn't include a written code of ethics for me to follow or that my clients can count on. Having a code of ethics in a professional organization can really help keep some teachers in line. Having a solid termination policy partnered with a code of ethics in my own studio will protect me as well.
   My studio policies are vital for my protection. The parents of my students have a set of guidelines to follow when studying with me and guidelines they know I will follow while they are my clients. By setting my policies I set an example of professionalism as well as having sound and fair but firm business principles. Anyone can have rules, but adhering to them takes a professional. My clients can count on this.

Here is a fantastic code taken from the MAPTA -Wisconsin that I will be sure to include in my own studio policy immediately:

Members demonstrate responsibility by:
  1. Striving for non-competitive, ethical behavior that reflects positively upon the profession;
  2. Avoiding discussion which might injure the professional reputation of another member;
  3. Maintaining strictly ethical business standards and adhering to clearly stated policies which are published for the benefit of all;
  4. Refusing to engage in direct or indirect solicitation of other teachers’ students;
  5. Accepting the pupil of another teacher after assurance is given that the agreement with the former teacher has been terminated to the satisfaction of both teachers;
  6. Instructing a transfer student at least six months before taking credit for a public performance by the student.

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