Sunday, April 1, 2012

An Easter Game

Egg halves of the same color have the wrong answer.

There are so many wonderful blogs online with so many wonderful ideas for playing games. I have really accumulated many of these games thanks to the thoughtfulness and creativity of the teachers who come up with them. I just wish I had the time to be so creative. Seasonal games are fun for the students and the Easter Egg matching game is one I made for my students recently. I made up 3 of these games in total- each uses a different level of difficulty depending on the level of the student

The students love these games and they take just 2-5 minutes at the beginning of a lesson. A good friend and colleague told me that what she remembered most about her first piano teacher was that he played a game with her at the end of every lesson. What a nice memory to have!
I got this idea from a pre-school website that matched a series
 of dots to the cooresponding number using easter eggs.
Instead, I used the eggs to match 3 different
 levels of commonly used piano vocabulary.

Here is the original website photo.

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