Friday, April 13, 2012

Perfect Piano Hands

 Well, you just never know whats going to happen next......when Molly came in for her lesson this week, she had a big surprise to show me. Her science fair is coming up at school and she has been really busy working on a new invention to help students perfect their hand positioning.

   She spelled it out very clearly on her display- she wrote about how mastering a perfect hand position is so important for future playing and getting it now will help students become better players down the road. She has a picture of herself demonstrating her invention and then in conclusion, she is describing how her piano teacher used it (that's me!) and it worked really well.

No kidding, it really DOES work!

   I usually use a stress ball or fuzzy ball to place under my student's hands to help them with shaping their hands correctly. Then I remove the balls so they can play their piece. But with Molly's invention, you can (theoretically) play with the balls strapped in place- ensuring a good hand position. Incidentally, I must admit that like the way her pinky is shaped. I can't count the number of "sleeping pinkys" I see in a week's lessons. I sure hope she gets a patent on it really soon before someone steals it away.

   I cannot put into words just how proud I am of her work and her clear devotion to piano! She is going to make a great piano teacher someday. Great job, Molly!!



  1. Oh my goodness..... what a CLEVER idea! Good for her! I remember my science fair entries being so silly and impractical when I was young.... so cool to see a youngster using her brain to solve *real* problems! Hehe.

    I'm tempted to rig up my own version & see how it works. But, yes, she should get this patented (don't worry, I'm not stealing it!) :)

  2. I'm not worried, steal away!