Sunday, April 15, 2012

Something other than piano

I was thinking back to the times this past year when we were working on music for something other than piano. There are so many reasons I like to take time to do this with my students. These photos are from events that take place every year. My students are always eager to participate and being chosen for some ensembles is an honor.

I have always encouraged my students to play as many instruments as they can. And with a small rental fee, they can learn an orchestral or band instrument at school for free. Many of my students play other instruments and could really have some fun with this in piano lessons. I'm glad summer is coming to give me some time to think about a fun activity we can do next year that really showcases not just the piano skills, but their skill as musicians.

Here are a dozen reasons I like to advocate making music together in my studio.

1. Playing together requires a firm sense of rhythm.
2. Playing together requires a firm sense of tempo.
3. Playing together requires cooperation.
4. Playing dynamics together take lots of practice and sounds great.
5. Piano lessons are not just a solo sport anymore.
6. Students understand that they are a part of something bigger.
7. Playing together creates great memories.
8. Playing together helps students make new MUSICAL friends. 
9. Students can take pride in the beautiful sounds created by an ensemble.
10.  Playing together improves overall musicality.
11. Playing together isn't as scary. There is strength in number.
12. Ensemble music is fuller sounding than solo teaching pieces.

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