Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yearbook Pages

Yesterday, one of my students told me that they love taking piano with me because it was more fun than their classmates' piano lessons because I play games, have fun recitals, and parties. What a nice compliment!

It takes a lot of planning and work for all that fun. And my yearbooks are typically full of page after page of all those fun times. The opening page features our "menu" of events and goes like this-

2011-2012 Menu of Events
WaterMusic Festival
Summer Cabaret
Back-to-School Party
Autumn Adult Recital
Halloween Party
Fall at the Mall
Christmas Recital Pizza Party Rehearsal
Christmas Recital
Topsy Turvy Week
Game Week
Adult Wine & Cheese Rep Class
Competition Rep Class
State Keyboard and Theory Testing
Double Scoop Recital
State Competition
Awards Recital

In between the event pages full of photos from each event, I have several miscellaneous pages of :

Markerboard Art

This "Listening Art" picture was last year's winner for yearbook cover:
Listening Art

Old pictures of the students on a page called "Remember When..." 

Its amazing how fast they grow!

Guess who?
This year, I have 2 new pages of "Guess Who? games" On one page I have various pictures of my students performing with their back to the camera....lets see if they can guess who the student is? 

Guess who?

On the opposing page, I have a picture of just their hands! Can they find their own hands on this page? (Not so easy when faced with a page full of hands...)

And of course, I have the standard pages of each student individually posing at the piano.


  1. Ooo, I especially like the "Remember When...." & the "Guess Who" sections! GREAT ideas!