Saturday, June 9, 2012


Today I held my annual Achievement Awards Recital. Every single student in my studio earned awards this year. They worked for them all year long and earned them. They set a goal and achieved that goal. This is such an important life lesson for my students. Quick, someone find me a child who wouldn't rather get a trophy or ribbon than sit around pondering the personal satisfaction and the intrinsic value of their piano practice....all 130 hours of it.

I am very interested in Character-building and here are just some of the Character qualities learned by my students while working toward just one of those awards; the "sight reading" trophy (where the student has to sight read 20 entire books)-

Continual self- assessment (otherwise known as Humility)

When my students stick with piano and work through 2 years of lessons to receive the MTNA 2-year (and 4-year) Certificate for Continuous study in piano, they have learned the following Character qualities-


Every single student was happy to receive the awards and I was happy to bestow them. I am so proud of all my students. Their parents are proud as well and a good time was had by all. 

Here is the list of the awards my student earned-

1. Practice Blue Ribbon Award
2. Student of the Month Certificate
3. PIANOlympic Gold Medal
4. Listening Trophy
5. Sight Reading Trophy
6. MSMTA Keyboard Award Trophy
7. MSMTA Theory Honors Award Trophy
8. MSMTA Distinguished Music Achievement Award
9. MTNA Continuous Study in Piano Certificate
10. Classics for Kids® Trophy & Certificate
11. MSMTA Keyboard Exam Certificate
12. MSMTA Theory Exam Certificate
13. MSMTA Spring Festival Piano Solo Competition Certificate
14. One Minute Club Certificate

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