Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Projects

Who doesn't have a long list of summer projects? 
Here's mine:

1. New studio website 
2. Studio Logo and swag 
      (this is supposed to be good advertising)
3. Designing Baseball cards instead of costly recital certificates
       (see my blog post titled "Beethoven wasn't so great")
4. New "cool" Practice beads for Fall and updated rating system 
       (adding a "+/-"  to the current rating system)
       (See my blog post titled "No more initialed practice sheets")
5. Summer 4-week Baroque Class for 4th-5th graders
       (because I have a new harpsichord! yay!)
6. Shortened Studio Policy 
        (short and sweet...mine is way too long)
7. Parent information booklet 
        (containing everything from practicing to college auditions 
           because half our job is educating parents.)
8. Fun percussion ensemble pieces
         (this is going to be hard)
9. Studio Flyer 
        (more advertising)

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