Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scale Shaker Game

 I've been trying to find a game to play with more advanced students and made this one up the other day. (In this photo, you can either check mark the completed intervals or write in the pitch.)

Click here for the PDF file.

Scale Shaker Game

Here's how it works:

The idea is just like Yahtzee.
I used "Pounce" cards that have the names of keys (both major and minor) or just the key signature itself.
I used foam squares for the dice. One die for each pitch ABCDEFG.
Marked this way: A, A,  A#, A-flat,  A-double sharp, A-double flat

Students can play alone or in teams.

  • Each player or team is dealt 3 cards with a key or key signature.
  • The name of the 3 keys is then written in ALL the purple boxes. 
  • Each player in turn shakes the dice in the cup onto the table. (1 shake per turn)*
  • Each usable pitch shown on the dice is written in all other applicable squares. 

*Double Sharps or flats-
In major/minor play, only double sharps or flats can be re-shaken once. Any unusable pitches are forfeit. If they come up with double sharps or flats on the second role they are forfeit.

However, if you are including harmonic or melodic minors in the game,  you can include the use of the double sharps and flats and allow a re-shake of ALL unusable pitches, just like in Yahtzee.

  • The first one to complete the entire sheet, wins. 

You can effectively put anything you want on the sheet, but I kept it to a minimum for the sake of time. I like the games to be quick and not take up too much lesson time. This one takes about 10 minutes- less is the students really know their keys and if they are in teams.

At this level, you could add a spot for the Tonic, Dominant, and Leading tone, rather than 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths. Or have the student spell out dominant seventh chords....the sky's the limit!

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