Monday, September 3, 2012

Some New Stuff For Fall

 I mentioned goals in an earlier post. Here is the list so far. (Found this giant dry erase poster at Bed, Bath & Beyond) I am so excited to see that my students are enthusiastic about setting goals- this really is the key to motivation.

This Shakespeare quote is one of my favs from one of my favorite comedies and I found this at Michael's Crafts last spring. Its a permanent part of the studio now.

Economy? Tuition? School year commitment? Practice requirements? I don't know why, but not a lot of new students so far this fall. But I do know that Quintin and Julia are both awesome students with great parental support. They have just begun their first steps to a lifetime of music!

 Just some welcome back fun! 
Incidentally, I can't say I'd recommend these letters. They don't stick very well. If you don't tape each one to the wall they just fall all over the place:(

The Fall Book Bash Card isn't mine, this was the fabulous creation of Wendy at 

Wendy has some very creative students. When I have asked my student to create, I get a lot of blank stares. I LOVE the card and wanted to do this to get some of my students through their current lesson book, so I made some "creativity cards" to help get them started. Once they learn the assigned piece, they can pick a card and do what the card says. When they complete the card's instructions, I'll punch a hole in the Fall Book Bash Card. Their reward once the whole card is hole-punched is a student choice piece to work on.

Usually my student choice month is February, but my Fall Book Bash students get to have theirs early!

You know, I have to say that its the generosity of teachers like Wendy that allow me to offer these fun programs (like the Fall Book Bash) to my students. Here's a shout out to them! Thanks for all you do. You really make a difference!


  1. Love this idea! Would you be willing to share the instructions you have on the cards?

    1. Absolutely! Email me, I'll attach the list.

  2. Hi Suzanne, THANKS a LOT for posting your studio stuff .. It is really creative and make me wants to enroll myself in your studio!!

    I'm intrigued also of the instructions on the cards, and wondering if you would be willing to share them with me too? My email is
    Thank you!

  3. Thanks so much Alice! Here is the link for the Fall book Bash cards: