Friday, September 14, 2012

What's In My Cupboard? 2

What's in my cupboard?

Its funny, but I go into the stores and utter the same complaints everyone else does....."are you kidding? School JUST started and Halloween stuff is out ALREADY??"

(But I'll walk into Music & Arts in August and ask, "Where's all the Halloween music"?
....go figure.)

Ok, so its never too early. I give my kids their Halloween songs in late September to give them a few weeks to work on them. Right now I'm figuring out who gets which song. 

I have a wonderful collection of Halloween songs. And then I always find more great Halloween songs inside lesson books and other non-Halloween material. 
 Rummaging through piles of books every year (including lesson books and everywhere else I find creepy music) is time consuming. 

So now I gather them all into one place.

I photocopy every single song as I find them throughout the year and put them into Halloween Notebooks. I have 3 notebooks arranged by (very) basically 3 levels; A for Beginner level pieces, B for Advancing Beginner's pieces, and for Intermediate/Advanced pieces.

Inside the notebook, I put alphabet dividers and insert the songs by title.

Then, on an excel spreadsheet, I list every song by title, composer, and A, B, or C.

 Here, I had them highlighted by level, but with the spreadsheet, separating the lists by level for each binder is a breeze. But its still nice to have a "master list".

So now when we pick Halloween party songs (we call choosing recital songs "going shopping" around here), I only need to grab one notebook for that student's level and we can quickly pick what they want to play!


  1. I found your blog yesterday and sat and read every single post! I couldn't tear myself away - I love your ideas, I want to steal so many of them! :-D

  2. Ps. Now I have a name but it hasn't changed above :)

  3. Ps. Now I have a name but it hasn't changed above :)

  4. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it! Thank you SO much for reading!!