Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What's In My Cupboard? 4

What's in my cupboard?

In my studio, I have a plentiful supply of recordings that are available to my students. They borrow these CD's just like they borrow from the library. I keep the CD's organized by category and within large categories like classical and rock, they are in alphabetical order by composer and artist/group name for easy access. 

I have also created a special collection of over 40  "Listening CD's" for my Listening Award. I create a play list on my itunes using music I already own and burn the CD's myself. Then I make my own colorful labels to make them a bit more interesting to look at. I choose between 3 and  5 pieces per CD but do not include a play list. This is because I want them to listen without being influenced by the composer or title. (Many of the CD's are compilation discs with various composers and pieces). The students take them home to listen. They choose their favorite track and complete the "Listening Challenge" worksheet seen below created by Jennifer Fink -


Click here for the worksheet.

The following week, we talk about what the favorite was and I reveal the composer and title. The worksheets are wonderful because not only is there a record of the artwork they've created, but when inserted into their notebooks, it becomes a listening log!

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