Monday, September 10, 2012

What's In My Cupboard? 1

I have lots of bookcases in my studio. Last spring I attached cupboard doors to the lower shelves so I could hide all the piles of stuff I had behind closed doors. I've seen posts on beauty sites that do a "What's in my purse?" episode. So the person empties their purse contents and we can all see the beauty products they use. Anyway, here is the music teacher's version of that.....

What's in my cupboard?

Thanks to all the teachers out there who create absolutely amazing games and share them with teachers like me who aren't so creative or technical, I have accumulated over 60 games that I use with my students. In February, we have "Game Week" here. This is where we do nothing but play those games during their lesson. But I don't save the games just for Game Week, I used them ALL THE TIME! Today, in fact, I have a new beginning coming who has been working on his piano letters, so we are going to play the Fly Swatter game created by Susan Paradis.

Thanks Susan!!!

How do I find this game in my cupboard? Like this-

My husband installed 2 kitchen curtain rods in the cupboard and I placed each and every game in a clear Ziploc. This way I can easily see each game and rummage through them like looking for a shirt in my closet. This system cost around $40. I bought everything at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Adjustable curtain rods $10 each, rings with clips $4.00 for a package of 14 (I bought 5 packages). I went through a couple of boxes of Ziploc bags. I couldn't find a way to install the curtain rods, so he just made me a couple of wood blocks and drilled holes for the rods. 

Now I can find a game on the spot when the student comes in a asks, "Can we play a game today???"  Here is a student favorite-- you can see how easy it is to find the games.

Thanks again, Susan!!


  1. oh wow i love this system! I love the ziplock bag idea cause it's so much cheaper than those clear zip folders. I currently store games in manilla folders with the bottom bent up in magazine holders, but little things fall out of the folders.

  2. Will u come and organize my music!? All I can say is "wow" and I too am a Susan Paradis junkie. I have all of her games in zip lock bags. Great post. Thanks.

  3. Thank you!!! ....and thanks for reading!

  4. Brilliant! All of your posts in this series have given me some great ideas, but this one really has me excited to complete NOW!