Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas CD Project

In the midst of all our Thanksgiving games and "Fall at the Mall" recital prep, my students are also preparing for our first Christmas CD project. Each student was given an assignment to list their favorite Christmas songs. The following week, we go "shopping" for editions they can play from my library of Christmas Sight reading books. Combined with their old repertoire in some cases, my students then begin to practice (or review) one or two songs at a time. We record each polished and completed piece and put it on a CD. 

The CD's will be given to parents and grandparents as a very special Christmas gift.

Here is what I'm using to create a decent quality recording:
  • Instrument Microphone and boom
  • Tascam digital recorder
  • itunes

Each piece is recorded and placed into an individual playlist for that student in my itunes folder. From there I can burn the CD. The nice part is that the recorder works on batteries or I can hook it into my laptop for juice. The whole thing transports around the studio really easily so I can record on the piano, harpsichord, or organ (I use the organ setting on my digital piano).

Here is the whole thing set up as we actually use it-- and it doesn't take up much space at all.

Here is an example of the sound quality-
(begins at around 10 seconds...I guess I'd better improve my editing skills)

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