Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

Time to decorate the studio and waiting room! I just did some minimal decorating this year, but wanted to share.....I always like to see pictures to get ideas!

Each year, I bring out the bells and all my students have fun playing their lesson songs (or any Christmas songs they want to sight read) on the bells. Beginners and advanced students alike enjoy this change of pace. We even sight read duets together. I only bring these out at Christmas so they don't become "old".

Last year, I had a 4 part bell choir at my Christmas concert. This year, I am having 2 duets instead. I am using a small book of Christmas pieces arranged for 2 C instruments (flute, violin, or oboe) and its working well with the bells.

Here are some decorations---

Some pretty things by the digital.
Outside the window, I hung a Christmas birdhouse next to all my feeders.
(One day my student was playing a woodpecker song...
and a woodpecker came to the feeder!--how lucky!!)
It still looks like fall here in Annapolis!

Just a baby tree this year.

I read somewhere to find everything you have that is alike
and display it as a collection....
so here are my snowmen.
The ornament hanger is from Ikea.

Music IS the food of love....and life!

I bought this at a craft show in Cleveland.
The students can arrange the manger scene in their own way
(the foam characters are backed with velcro).
This is hanging on the markerboard to encourage fun play.

Window clings that I put on the marker board.

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  1. Oooh. I like those bells!! I might need to invest in some! :)