Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mr. Turkey's Feathers

This is one "major"-ly confused turkey! 

Our studio game this week is to name the key by giving Mr. Turkey back his feathers. The more keys the student can name, the better Mr. Turkey likes it!
Feathers can be placed back on Mr. Turkey via a given key signature on a flashcard, or just given orally (as I often do). 

 I can also use the feathers of Mr. Turkey to drill beginners on identifying a letter on the piano. Or a flashcard, for that matter. This week I have used Mr. Turkey with my younger students who play 5-finger scales. As they play them in the lesson, if they can also spell them, they get to put that feather on Mr. Turkey. 

Here is Mr. Turkey on the back side. 

Here's how I made him....
  1. I bought a cheap cheap cheap turkey table top decoration at Micheal's Crafts and omitted the paper fan of feathers. 
  2. I cut the bottom off and glued it to a large Popsicle stick (like on a hand fan so the student can hold it in their hand).  
  3. I covered the mess on the back with a piece of purple foam the shape of the turkey. 
  4. Then I traced the feathers on the turkey's side and cut feathers out of foam pages and glued them to mini clothespins. (The colors were randomly chosen.) 
  5. I used stickers and fabric paint to decorate the feathers. 
  6. The final touch was glitter- mainly because the 2 things my students absolutely LOVE is a new game and GLITTER! So I combined the best of both!

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