Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thanksgiving Songs

 I'm not the most crafty person on the planet, but I was able to put together a study aid for beginning students that help prep them for some Middle C position pieces this month. Susan Paradis has a lot of wonderful fall-themed and Thanksgiving pieces that use this position and I'm always looking for Thanksgiving-themed ideas.

I made the Pilgrim hat out of foam pages and a paper cup. The apples are stickers that I affixed to a piece of red construction paper circles. On the back of the apple are the letter names that I also created by using stickers. I used a visually different apple sticker for the F# and B flat.

We first choose a song to play, then using the letters of that song, the student picks one apple at a time out of the pilgrim hat and places it on the appropriate key. The student is also asked to place an apple on a key as I point to the note in the piece, to reinforce the newly learned note-reading skills.


  1. I'm not sure why you said you aren't very crafty - what a clever idea! I'm sure your students are going to love it!