Wednesday, January 2, 2013

FlashCard Frenzy!

I'm sure there are a few students who did not keep up with daily practice over the Christmas break, so we will be drilling flashcards every week in January to get the skills back up. FlashCard Frenzy is a game I made up last September that contains various ways of drilling flashcards both at and away from the piano.

January begins the 2013 One Minute Club Initiations, so what better time to work on note reading and recognition?

My students LOVED the Fall Book Bash- the idea of picking a card and having to play their lesson piece in whatever way the card instructed was super exciting to them.

FlashCard Frenzy is similar in that the student gets to pick a card and then drill the flashcards according to what the card says. 


  1. HI! I am excited to use flashcard frenzy to help my students learn the notes on the staff better. I printed these off and noticed one says play flashcard bowling. What is flashcard bowling?

  2. Hi and thanks so much for posting!!
    Here is the link to Flashcard Bowling:
    Enjoy and I hope your students have a lot of fun with Flashcards!