Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Minute Club 2013

Each January I begin the One Minute Club initiations. My students love the challenge of being able to get through each level and see their names displayed on the list in the studio. I offer plenty of incentives to keep my student motivated to drill flashcards each and everyday at home, so when they come for their lesson they can make it through their level in under 60 seconds and advance to the next level.

Level 1 - C's
Level 2- C's, F's
Level 3- C's, F's, D's
Level 4- C's, F's, D's, G's
Level 5- C's, F's, D's, G's, B's
Level 6- C's, F's, D's, G's, B's, A's, E's

In practice, they must say and play each flashcard on the piano. When timed, they just need to play the flashcards.

Each level must be played in under 60 seconds. Level 6 must be played in under 60 seconds 3 times in a row in succession in order to finally become a member of the One Minute Club. (Flashcards cover C2-D6 on the keyboard.)

One Minute Club Members receive-

  • One Minute Club Membership Card
  • $3.00 Menchies Gift Card
  • A special treat at the Double Scoop Recital
  • A special treat at the Awards Recital

Membership Card (Thanks, Susan!)
Practice Chart
One Minute Club Members


  1. Suzanne, love your idea,but could you possibly post the flashcards you use for this? I'm just not sure how it works - say for level 1 how many different Cs does the student need to be able to read & therefore play? Do you show only Cs at this level?

  2. Thanks! I just posted a "How to" for the One Minute CLub- enjoy!

  3. Hi Suzanne, I'm intrigued to your version of One Minute Club. The ones and from the comments I read at Susan Paradis website, they usually start with C position notes, Treble Clef notes, Bass Clef notes, etc. What do you think the advantage of your version starting with all the Cs for level 1 and so forth? Thank you for ALL you do!