Friday, January 25, 2013

Yes, Times Have Changed

I love reading LaDona's Blog - she always posts what I call philosophical "food for thought". Today, she posted a cartoon of how times have changed for the poor beaten down music student and the knuckle-breaking music teacher. So true, LaDona! I think the only students who could still relate to that teacher in the cartoon are the students of Abby Lee Miller (Dance Moms). I'm so glad teaching styles have changed and piano lessons are now fun with additions like exciting recitals, games in the studio, supportive words from a teacher, and lots of parental encouragement at home.  

My thoughts went immediately to the cartoons posted above- I couldn't agree more, that times HAVE changed and this is not only true for that poor teacher above, but also true for piano teachers. These days, there some parents who blame the teacher for the lack of effort on the part of the student and in effect, teach their child to externalize blame.

Preparing for a piano lessons is alot like preparing for a college course. Your grade is really entirely contingent on the work you put into the subject OUTSIDE of class. Graduate-level college courses are really just meeting places to hear the professor lecture on the topic. But then you go off and read about it, research it, and learn, learn, learn-- on your own, in the library, mostly. And when next week's class is held, you are prepared to discuss the topic in an intelligent knowledgeable manner. 

Its a shame when a student comes to piano lessons unprepared and cannot even remember what the topic was last week, let alone demonstrate what they worked on during the week. How will these children ever progress beyond that of beginner? 

How will they ever graduate from college? Will their parents continue to blame the professors or the boss? Isn't our job to raise independent adults capable of putting forth effort and making good decisions without externalizing blame?

Food for thought, I guess.   

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