Thursday, March 28, 2013

Games for Spring

Easter Basket Buffet
My Easter Basket Buffet contains three kinds of surprises. Students can reach in and pick a small egg, large egg, or cupcake.

Small Eggs- contain a number of stones (2, 3, 4, 6) Students pick an egg from the basket and  must write out a measure of music with the corresponding number of beats.

Large Eggs- contain a musical symbol on one half and the term on the other half. Students will hand the egg to me so I can "crack" the egg in half- I give them the term, and they write the symbol. (they can also create the symbol with buttons! scroll down....)

Cupcakes- contain a letter with a sharp or flat. Beginning students will demonstrate the letter picked by playing all of them on the piano. More advanced students will write the letter in notation and its enharmonic!

Button, Button
This is an easy game and a change from writing thing down on paper- the student will use the buttons to create clefs, notes, rests, or any other symbol given. I also have a deck of cards with term on them- the student can draw from the deck to see what symbol they'll create.

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