Thursday, May 16, 2013

Adult Rep Class

I hold an Adult Rep Class twice a year for my adult students. Adult rep classes are a student-only event; no spouses or visitors. This is a wonderful opportunity for the adults to get together and play for each other without the pressure of a formal recital and large audience. Each October and May, we gather at the home of a student volunteer and have cocktails and hors d'ouvres. 
Then we proceed to the piano and play music trivia or name-that-tune. (At this rep class, we played Broadway musical name-that-tune). The winners received a box wine (Bach'sWine). 

After our game, we sight-read a series of  4 duets that could easily be mastered by all the students. We split into 2 groups- one primo and one secondo at each piano. For each piece, we traded off partners!

Then each student played a piece they had been working on in their lessons. 
Below, Cindy plays a Baroque piece using the harpsichord setting on her digital piano. 

In the end, everyone played beautifully and we all had a great time! My adult students are already planning for our October class!