Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Student Awards

Last weekend I held my annual end-of-the-year Awards Recital. At this recital, my students finally receive the awards they've been working on all year.

In my studio I have several awards that my students can earn. In September, they set goals for the year by choosing which awards they want to work toward earning. Then they begin work to achieve those goals by June. In this post I will highlight 3 awards offered in my studio.

Shown above are my "Blue Ribbon Practice Awards". Each week at the end of the student's lesson, I rate their ability to demonstrate their home practice on their assignment from the previous week. The student earns a rating between 1 and 5 (the student receives the same number of beads for their practice chain). Students who receive a 4 or 5 rating each week for the whole academic year earn the Blue Ribbon Practice Award.

Here is another award students can earn. This is the "Listening Trophy". Students earn 25 points during the course of the academic year by borrowing CD's from my library. CDs are of many genres; symphonic literature, piano literature, jazz, ragtime, piano in pop music, and other CDs highlighting different timbres. They take the CD home, listen to it, and draws a picture of what the music reminds them of or how the music makes them feel. For this they earn 1 point. When the student attends a live concert or performs in a recital or school concert, they earn 2 points. Proof of attendance or participation is required. When they earn a total of 25 points, they aren the Listening Trophy.

This is the "PIANOlympic Gold Medal". Students earn this by performing technical challenges perfectly on the piano from their PIANOlympic Book. The student must perform a minimum of 8 technical challenges to earn the medal. The student's name and number of challenges are engraved on the back of the medal. This year the highest number of technicals challenges earned by a student was 25!

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