Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summertime Imagination

Use modeling clay to back these creative "buttons". Then let your imagination run wild with uses on and off the piano! I have the student spell 5-finger scales, triads, show letter names, accidentals, place them on staff paper for line and space notes, and place these on the correct piano key for flashcards. Or as seen above, I can make the scale myself and ask the student whats wrong!

These mini ice cream cones are fun. I put all sorts of things inside them for the student to pick. I have put beads in them and the student plays an improvised measure of music containing the same number of beats as there are beads. I've put letter names inside them and the student has to name the enharmonic, play the scale, or the triad. I've put numbers in them so the student plays the corresponding interval- it makes drilling more fun than just plain quizzing.


  1. very cute... and useful. It brings the "fun" into learning! Great ideas... I found some mice - at the dollar store - cute little things originally made as cat toys, but I use them for racing up and down the piano. We take turns drawing a letter name then finding the closest key. The kids love it especially when we go fast or I make a mistake (on purpose). It's great to use with 2 kids from the same family too - at the beginning of one lesson and the end of the next.

  2. Oh Mary, THAT sounds like fun!! I'm going to get some mice this week!

  3. I really enjoy when you share these things, Suzanne. I've learned a lot in the past couple of years from blogs like yours that has helped make teaching piano more interesting and fun for myself as well as my students.Thank you so much for sharing.