Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Piano-Key Chains for Fall

Here is my new fun activity for this coming academic year. 
This is our "Studio Piano Key- Chain"!
Students will keep their Piano Key-Chain in their NEW tote bags this year. 
On the key chain are 7 practice tip tags with 2 practice tips each, the circle of fifths, a set of mini flashcards (thanks to Susan Paradis!), a punch card for memorization bonus beads, and my new Fall Book Bash card.

Students will assemble their own key chains, at the Back-to-School party in August. Back to School Party Highlights

The Fall Book Bash card will be connected right to the key chain this year. As each student completes a lesson Fall Book Bash challenge, they will receive a hole punch. When all the leaves are punched, they will receive 10 bonus beads on their practice chains.

Practice tips will be also connected to their key chain this year. As each student explains AND demonstrates a practice tip using a lesson book assignment, they will receive a sticker on the tag. When all tags contain stickers, the student will receive 10 bonus beads on their practice chains. Here is the Practice Strategy Sheet (just the info, not a student printable).

The student will get their blue Bonus Bead card punched whenever they memorize a lesson book or solo book song. When they have memorized a song they get 3 bonus beads on their practice chain.

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  1. This looks like an interesting idea. I've been doing a "Fall Challenge" to keep the kids practicing for a few years now. But I'm always looking for something different. I like the practice chain idea - I saw an idea on pinterest once, that took the plastic beads and melted them together to make a huge suncatcher - so I'm thinking that perhaps I could do something like that for the kids. The size of their suncatcher would depend on how many beads they could collect. But with 30 students... and a waiting list already of 6 more - I think I'll need to keep it as simple as possible. This keychain idea is definitely going into my folder for future reference.