Friday, July 26, 2013

Who Stole my Cheese Game

Here is my new game for my new piano step. Thanks to Mary at Cedar Grove Piano Studio for the mouse idea!
Game: “Who Stole my Cheese?”
Object:  Save your own snacks while stealing your opponent's snacks. The person with the most STOLEN snacks wins the game. 
Number of players: 2
Game pieces: 1 cat, 1 mouse, 13 pieces of cheese, 13 fish, 2 chromatic octaves of note name cards; include enharmonics. (I found the cat and mouse at Michael's Crafts and made the fish and cheese pieces out of modeling clay)
All the cheese and the fish pieces are placed on the piano keys by both players- at random -covering the entire keyboard before the game starts. (88 keys, 26 pieces)
Each player chooses a letter card (these include naturals, sharps, and flats) and moves their character to the key shown on the card. It can be in any octave. If there is a piece of cheese or fish on the key, the player keeps it.


  1. very cute! See? I knew you would be making up a game for that keyboard! :)

  2. THANKS, Mary! You were my inspiration!