Friday, August 23, 2013

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

A long time ago I posted about the journey each student takes when learning piano. I had a road on the wall of my studio and each student was represented by a car that would travel up and down the road. This year I was feeling creative and decided to paint a tree on the wall of my studio, just in time for back-to-school. This year my students will be owls, birds, and squirrels. The branch represents the journey. With lots of twists and turns.Here is the link to that post (Apr 2012)I love it when parents see the road (or tree) and the visual suddenly makes sense. Students often gripe and want to quit piano whenever they are on the uphill climb. The closer they are to the top, the more they begin to notice that the music is harder, it takes longer to master, and piano just isn't as much fun as it used to be.  This is a great opportunity to explain to their parents that the pianist isn't just suffering needlessly, and no, piano doesn't stink. They are actually on the brink of something wonderful! Professionals go through this as well. All artists do. Once day we are doing just fine, the next day the piece is awful in our estimation. We are on the top of that hill working toward our own advancement to the next "level" of performance. Here's the good news- right after that push to get over the hump we usually get to glide on the downhill for a while and really enjoy the fruits of our labor! Until the next hill that is...When parents tell me they don't want their kids to be "concert pianists" but just want their kids to learn piano and nothing more I often wonder if they don't really understand that piano playing is cyclical. (...and where they think I'd be if my parents felt the same way.) We will always come back at the same pieces, but each time, we get better and better at it-- producing more and more beautiful music no matter what level we are in our studies. Each hill we master adds to our skill and ability to get our musical point across to an audience. 

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  1. It looks beautiful! What a lot of work that must have been - planning and then painting it. That alone demonstrates perseverance!