Saturday, August 3, 2013

New for Fall- Performance Cards

 The cost of card stock, ink and full page certificates is always rising. In the past, I took lots of time designing full page participation certificates for every event my students took part in. I thought the student might want to hang them on their wall at home, but in reality, I can't count how many full page certificates I found sitting in the back of binders, all but forgotten.

Well, this summer I finally finished this project that I've only been talking about since last year. Here is the original post.

I am adding a "Performance" section to my student's binders and placing a baseball card insert page. Each time my student participates in a performance whether its a studio recital, charitable event, or public performance, I will place a "Performance Card" with the event, date and a photo on a baseball card and insert into the baseball card sleeve. This will take the place of  8.5x11" participation certificates and save not only space, but lots of money on card stock and ink!

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