Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall Book Bash

A year ago I created some fun ideas for spicing up lesson book songs by making Fall book bash cards. The idea was inspired by Leila Viss  and Wendy Stevens. (There are so many great ideas out there, its important to give credit where credit is due.) This year, I made a new Fall book bash punch card shaped like the grocery store cards found on mom's key chain. They are attached to our new Piano Key Chains. 

When a student completes a lesson book song, they can choose to do something fun (and sometimes crazy) with their song by picking one of 52  Fall Book Bash Cards. (shown above) Each card contains an instruction to play the song a "new" way.

Today, my student Olivia was thrilled to get to do her first ever book bash! The card she chose said, "Play all the notes staccato".  She hit the jackpot with that card, because she got to learn about staccato notes on the studio rebounder!

 Here is my student Grace also learning staccato technique on the rebounder last year (I forgot to take Olivia's picture on it today). Well, needless to say, I punched a hole in her Fall Book Bash card and Olivia was thrilled! Once all the leaves on her card are hole-punched, she'll get 5 bonus beads on her practice chain!

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