Monday, October 14, 2013

Adult Rep Class- October

Every October and April I hold an Adult Rep Class for my adult students. This provides a "safe" venue for them to perform for each other, without being unnerved by a very large audience in a formal recital format.

We begin with cocktails (candy is dandy...) and enjoy some light conversation. Everyone contributes to the food table and we end up with a nice little spread to nibble on while we play. 

I try to have a game or two in order to have some fun and educate at the same time. Last October we played name-that-creepy-classical-tune. 

Our October rep class is this week and I have a fun game planned...

In this game, I will read a definition and the students see if they can guess the correct matching musical term. The winner with the most correct matches will receive a small fun Halloween-themed prize. 

We will also play another "name that tune" but this time, I will play a piece of creepy music and given a multiple choice format, the students will circle the correct TV show or movie associated with the music from the choices on their game sheet. 

After our games, each student will perform for each other a very special Halloween-themed piece they have been working on in lessons. I will also join the fun in this class by performing a duet with one of my students.

Overall, the Adult Rep Classes are a fun way to gather socially and share our love of music! (Music, Food, Friends....its the recipe for any successful party).

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